Nanny Gwen Needs New AB/DLs


I’m so excited to be looking for some new AB/DLs for my nursery. My nursery is a very laid back place for good little bABIES. It’s a safe place where you can have fun. I’ve got everything you need for a super age play experience. I’ve got an adult baby changing table stocked with disposable and cloth diapers-bABies choice! There’s also a high chair for feeding time and a baby bed for naps! But remember what I said about my nursery being a place for fun if you’re good. If you’re naughty I do bare bottom spankings.

I’m so excited to show you around. Hope you visit me soon. I can’t wait to be your favorite AB/DL nanny! Come visit me at or call 1-888-851-1772 to speak with me.



Looking for a MILF? You’ve found her! I can’t think of a better way to spend my day than taking care of an AB. All of my abies describe me as the most fuckable mother they’ve ever had because I make them cum again and again. How am I able to do that? I know just was a good little AB/DL needs. Come see me for a proper diaper change  or to sample some of my yummy breast milk. No one can say I don’t know how to treat my abies right.

Come let me help you work some of that hardness out of your stiff pee pee.